General conditions of sale - Casa na onda

General conditions of sale - Casa na onda 

Article 1 - Contract  

- This contract is for the exclusive use of Casa na Onda, registered in Portugal under the name of RICARDO DE DEUS.

- Any breach of one or more of the articles of this contract may result in the immediate termination of the rental agreement to the detriment of the tenant, with the proceeds of the rental agreement remaining definitively with the owner.

Article 2 - Description of the service offered

-The full description and photos of the rented property can be seen on

-The service offered consists of a seasonal rental.

- The present contract is concluded for a fixed rental period and the tenant may not under any circumstances claim any right to remain in the premises at the end of the stay.

Article 3 - Conclusion of the contract

-The reservation becomes effective once the Tenant has sent the owner a deposit of 75% of the total amount of the rental and has accepted the present general conditions of sale.

- The rental agreed between the parties may not be used, even partially, by third parties, except with the written agreement of the owner. Any subletting is therefore forbidden.

Article 4 - Accepted means of payment

- Secure online payment on the website Bank transfer

Article 5 - Maximum travellers capacity

- The present contract is established for a maximum capacity of travellers specified in the add. The number of people indicated per accommodation on our website corresponds to the maximum occupancy allowed, taking into account the equipment available. It cannot be exceeded for safety and insurance reasons.

- The rental is made for the number of travellers announced by the tenant. Casa na Onda reserves the right to charge an additional fee if the actual number of travellers exceeds the number stated at the time of booking.

- Casa na Onda reserves the right to refuse access to the accommodation if the number of persons exceeds the maximum occupancy allowed. 

Article 6 - Prohibition of any event

All festive events (birthdays or other) are strictly forbidden in the premises for reasons of security and tranquillity.

Article 7 - Modifications of stay

- Any modification of the stay requested by the tenant in terms of dates, location, duration, number of persons or family composition must be validated by Casa na Onda. If necessary, it will be subject to additional invoicing.

- In the event of external events beyond our control, we may have to modify your stay. We will then offer you, subject to availability, an equivalent stay with different dates or accommodation. If you are not satisfied with this offer, the full amount paid will be refunded. No other compensation may be claimed. 

Article 8 - Conditions of payment and cancellation by the tenant before arrival

- For any stay cancelled more than 30 days before the planned date of arrival, the traveller will be fully refunded the deposit paid of 75%.

- For any stay cancelled between 30 days and 7 days before the planned arrival date, the 75% deposit paid will be retained by the owner.

- For any stay cancelled less than 7 days before the planned arrival date, the total price of the rental remains the property of the owner.

- For any stay interrupted, not consumed or shortened for any reason whatsoever, the total price of the rental remains with the owner.

Article 8A - Conditions of payment and cancellation by the tenant before arrival in case of a "non-cancellable" rate

- If the Tenant has selected the "non-cancellable" rate at the time of booking, 100% of the price of the stay must be paid at the time of booking and will remain due to the owners in the event of cancellation for any reason whatsoever.  

Article 9 - Cancellation by the owner

In case of external events beyond our control which would lead to the cancellation of the stay, the owner will pay the tenant the totality of the sums paid.

Article 10 - Arrival / departure

- The Tenant must specify to the owner the time at which he/she intends to arrive and leave the accommodation.

- Schedules (unless otherwise agreed in writing by the owners, on request): Arrival from 4pm / Departure before 10am

- If the tenant has not yet arrived and has not informed the owner of his delay within 24 hours of the planned date of arrival, the owner may freely dispose of the accommodation and re-let it if he wishes.

Article 11 - Payment of the balance of the stay

The balance of the rental price must be paid 7 days before arrival.

Article 12 - Pre-authorisation (security deposit)

- Pre-authorisations are used to block an amount of 250 euros on the tenant's credit card, which can be used in case of problems with the rental.

- Pre-authorisations are blocked on the day of check-in and are automatically released 7 days after check-out.

- NB: in case of rental of more than 7 days, the pre-authorisation will be renewed.

Article 13 - Use of the premises

- The present furnished seasonal rental is made under the ordinary and legal conditions in such matters, which the Tenant is obliged to carry out, under penalty of all damages and termination of the present contract, if the owner sees fit and without being able to claim a reduction in the rent.

- The Tenant shall ensure the peaceful nature of the rental and use it in accordance with the purpose of the premises.

- The Tenant undertakes to occupy the premises personally and to live in them in a respectful manner, without degradation, without noise nuisance for the neighbours and to maintain them normally.

- All the installations are in working order and any complaint concerning them occurring more than 24 hours after the entry in enjoyment of the places, could not be admitted.

- The tenant is obliged to inform the owner within 24 hours of any damage that may have occurred in the accommodation.

- The premises are rented furnished with kitchen equipment, crockery, glassware, duvets, pillows, sheets, tea towels, and everything must be returned in the same condition. Any repairs made necessary by negligence or poor maintenance during the rental period will be entirely at the tenant's expense.

- If necessary, the owner or his representative will be entitled to claim from the Tenant, on his departure, the replacement value of objects, furniture or equipment that have been broken, cracked or damaged or those whose wear and tear exceeds the normal for the duration of the rental period, as well as the cost of cleaning blankets, duvets, pillows, sheets or towels if they are returned stained. A refund will also be claimed in the event of damage to the house (e.g. walls, ceilings, floors, windows, furniture, bedding, taps, etc.).

Article 14 - Pets

- The tenant may not stay in Casa na onda accommodation in the company of a pet, unless otherwise agreed in writing by the owners, on request (a contribution per day and per pet will then be requested: pet fee, deposit supplement, cleaning package supplement, etc.).

- In case of non-respect of this clause, the owner can refuse the stay and no refund will be made.

Article 15 - Non-smoking accommodation

All Casa na Onda accommodation is non-smoking inside but you can smoke on the terraces or balconies without any problem. Please remember to dispose of your cigarette butts in the rubbish bin.

Article 16 - Tenant's insurance

- The tenant is responsible for all damage caused by him during his stay.

- He must be insured by a holiday insurance contract for these different risks. It is therefore up to him to contact his home insurance company before moving in to request a holiday certificate. 

Article - 17 - Charges

All charges are included in the price (electricity, heating, internet) as well as sheets and towels.

Article 18 - End of stay cleaning (compulsory)

- An end-of-stay cleaning package is compulsorily included in the price of the stay and it also includes the price of sheets and towels.

- This cleaning package includes the rearrangement of the beds and the thorough disinfection of the rooms. It does not exempt the tenants from taking care of the accommodation and leaving it in a normal state of cleanliness. Cleaning materials are provided for this purpose. The tenants must also empty the rubbish bins before their departure.

- The owner reserves the right to charge the tenant an additional fee if the accommodation is left in a state of dirt that requires a more thorough cleaning than normal.

Article 19 - Third parties involved in the provision of the service

- The end-of-stay cleaning services may be carried out by third parties designated by the owners of Casa na onda. These third parties may, if necessary, note any damage caused in the accommodation by the tenants.

- They may also be required to contact the tenants if the circumstances so require.

Article 20 - Loss or theft of keys or car park access cards  

- In the event of loss of the keys or car park access card, the tenant undertakes to immediately report the theft to the local police. Depending on the situation, the owner shall be entitled to claim the replacement value and any costs related to the loss suffered.